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Points To Look For In A Shimla Holiday Tour Package For A Stressfree Holiday

Going for a holiday is supposed to be a relaxing and fun experience. You go to a place far away from home, where you can forget all the worries of your daily life, and enjoy some memorable moments with your friends and family. The travel agents can prove to be your best friends when planning any holiday. By choosing to a Shimla Holiday Tour Package offered by a travel agent, you are able to free yourself from all the hassles of planning, organizing and making arrangements for the holiday.

However, before you take any of the Shimla Tour Packages, there are certain things that you should keep in mind, which will help in ensuring that your holiday is absolutely stress free:

Services Start Early

It is very important for you to ensure that the services for the holiday should be available to you from the very start of your journey. Thus, a very good package would include pick-up from your home and transportation to the airport, railway station or bus station from where you would be travelling to your holiday destination. In many cases, simply reaching the station or airport can prove to be a big and difficult task, and thus, if proper arrangements for the same are not made, you may end up starting your holidays on a sour note.

Local Transport

When booking a Exclusive Tour Packages to Shimla, people generally check the staying arrangements offered, sightseeing sots included in the package and the food facilities provided. But they forget to confirm the local transportation arrangements. How will you reach your sightseeing spot or the restaurant where you are supposed to have lunch or dinner from your hotel? You are in a new city and travelling by taxis can increase the total cost of your holiday. Therefore, ask your agent to provide you good local transport and include the cost of the same in your tour package.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-03-09

Basic Services Demanded From All Travel Agents Offering Gangotri Tour Packages

There are numerous travel agencies present in the market which offer some very attractive and convenient Delhi to Chardham Yatra Packages. However, not all the packages offered by all the agents are the same. In fact, finding two packages which offer the same services at the same price would be impossible. Therefore, it becomes important that before you book any tour package, you cross check the services offered in the package and its price with the services and the price offered in other packages. Only after carefully studying all the packages, the one which best suits your requirements should be selected.

People generally going for a religious or a spiritual tour, do not bother so much about the luxuries and comforts offered in these Gangotri Tour Packages. However, even if you are looking at the most basic packages, there are certain basic necessities which these packages should take care of. Some of those basic requirements from any and all tour packages are as below:

Proper Food Arrangements

When taking a Gangotri yatra from Delhi, ensuring that proper arrangements for food have been made by the travel agent is very important. Finding proper food facilities at such places is difficult, and you do not want to eat too much of the roadside or unhygienic food and fall sick, as that would not only spoil your entire trip, but finding proper medical facilities in such places is also very difficult. Therefore, you should always ask your travel agent to make arrangements for all your meals during the entire trip.

Proper Staying Arrangements

Even if you are not looking for a luxury hotel or resort to stay at, and are happy staying at a small lodge or even a Dharmashala, you would still want to ensure that the place you would be staying at is safe and offers the basic comforts. Providing you a safe and comfortable staying place is also the primary responsibility of your travel agent.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-03-02

An Ultimate Travel Guide That Designed Only For You, Come And Explore The Beauty Of Puri

The splendid temple city Orissa is best known for its famous temple Jagannath, located in Puri. With many memorials and rich heritage of the destination bring hundreds of travellers to visit the place. The place is the most famous travel destination; one should not miss in their life time. The golden sand of Puri beach is the visual interpretation of the excellent sightseeing you would like to cherish forever. 

Nurture your Senses at Puri with Exclusive Tour Package

The old temple of Puri takes one into the journey the heaviest nostalgia of that place. The finest Tour Package understands all your requirements and always ready to accomplish your trip into a beautiful moment. This is the popular tourist attraction and your trip would be easier with the fascinating tour packages entice with loads of offers and discounts. Explore the interesting Visiting Places in Puri with the amazing tour packages with an affordable price. You can have the opportunity to go to the Puri Local Sightseeing with the exciting tour packages. The Trip to Jagannath Puri can be completed only by the efficient tour packages of Puri. The alluring beauty of the place can be ascertained by you with the travel assistance of tour packages. They guide you efficiently during your entire trip. They deliver attractive offers in their package itinerary.

A Luxurious Treat with a Friendly Attitude

The Puri Tour Package pampers all your travel experience with its ultimate offers. You can avail special discounts on this package. They are the most intelligent tour providers, who give you extraordinary services. They take the pride among all because of their integrity in services for the tourists. They truly believe to provide you the magnificent travel solutions. Explore the most amazing time of your day in Puri with the incredible tour package.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-28

Winning More Hearts Every Day, Kerala Tour Packages Brings You Closer To The Nature

Kerala is the most marvelous city with loads of exciting scenery and lush vegetation of the mesmerizing nature. The alluring houseboat with most gorgeous hospitality is available there with best price. The best tour packages are the most trusted names that would be the travel solution. If you are planning a Vacation in Kerala then the famous houseboat operators provide you the quality travel solution. The houseboat experience in Kerala will be more memorable with the Best houseboat operators. Subscribe for a tour Package and get a spectacular travel experience.

Silent Valley, Kerala              

The name itself is charming and its location, Kerala, a quintessential destination for romance, so Kerala Houseboat Packages is a total winner. Experience the sprawling beauty of Kerala in the exotic houseboat. Our Best Tour Package to Kerala strives to provide the top class hospitality in the houseboat with all the facilities. The unparalleled beauty of the nature gives you the top quality relaxation. The flexible service of MR Holiday will guide you in your entire trip and you can make your vacation enjoyable. The silent valley is the perfect place to just showing down the pace of life with an exclusive tour package.

Handpicked Holidays for you             

MR Holiday is one of the excellent tour operators who offer customized services to the tourists and ensure to help you in choosing the best travel destinations.  Holidays are meant to be for relaxation and Kerala is the well-known place for the same. Refresh yourself by booking the houseboat in Kerala and enjoy your most remarkable holiday with your loved ones. The state is also known for its rich heritage and wonderful culture. You can experience all this wonderful moment by availing Kerala Tour Package.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-27

Experience The Extravagant Horizon Of Romantic Moment That Is Only Made For Each Other

Wedding is the most wonderful moment for any person and the most amazing moment is your time spent together. Spend your time together under the moonlit night and near the blue sea. Andaman is the most romantic place which is ideal choice for your honeymoon. The wonderful silver sand beaches, alluring nature and the cool mild breeze definitely have been waiting for you to experience everything with your beautiful spouse. Cherish the lovely moment with your partner and make your honeymoon memorable forever.

Embrace the Amazing Moment

If you are planning for honeymoon, then MR Holiday understands all your requirements. Avail the excellent Honeymoon Tour Package to Andaman with an affordable price. It is a perfect tour package for newlywed. Their excellent honeymoon package ensures to deliver you all he exquisite service. They will make your trip more wonderful in the Island. The magical touch of the amazing destination makes you feel amazing. Tour Package to Andaman has various golden options, you can choose from it accordingly. You can get discount on the packages also. They offer a wide range of tour packages to Port Blair Island. What would be the marvelous way to celebrate your love in the most Amazing Andaman! You can explore the splendid Island with your better half with Andaman tour package.

Cozy Honeymoon Packages

MR Holiday offers various delighted tour packages specially designed for honeymooners according to their choice. You can also visit the most fascinating shopping spots with their tour packages. Shop, eat and night out all includes in their tour package. Honeymoon is the time when you enjoy the moment the most and bond together with your life mate and could feel the intimacy. Therefore, MR Holiday honors your presence and make you feel comfortable with their luxuriant honeymoon packages.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-25

Love Is In The Air; Explore All Beautiful Places As A Couple To Feel Your Intimacy

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa is known as the temple city. The rich culture and heritage of Konark, sun temple attracted hundreds of tourists every year from all over the world. The majestic temple stands with dignity on the golden sand of Konark. Holidays with various exclusive packages that lasts a lifetime. However, this place is an excellent choice for your vacation, if you are planning any leisure time to spend with your family and loved ones.

Escape Together:

The Konark Tour Package with an affordable price is the best choice that would captivate all your golden moments as lifetime memories. Experience the extravagant opportunities with this exclusive tour package that would fulfill all your travel requirements relevantly. For a magnificent travel, you should choose the travel package that will not only save your time but also save your pocket.  Obtain all types of customized travel supports from the efficient tour operators and indulge into the alluring beach of Konark that will drive down to the kingdom of peace and serenity.

Tempting Offers with Unbelievable Price

There are plenty of beautiful sights to be visited at the shore of Konark. Hence, MR Holiday offers the best holiday package for the tourists. Our tour packages include all kinds of facilities like providing a wonderful hotel, sightseeing and pick up and drop facility. Our experienced team helps to meet all your travel related expectations. You can contact us online and book us prior from your travel. Just relax! And we will look after all your trip related requirements. We give fast and hassle-free service. Get in touch with our customer care service anytime and get a free travel quote from us. Plan your trip with us and collect all the memorable moments on the mesmerizing Beach of Konark.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-21

Tours In Gujrat Coming With The Best Packages For The Tourists

Culture, architecture and in this way the arts have constantly been prime objectives for travel, and Gujarat with its high concentration of historical sites is certainly one among the premier destinations for the heritage cherishing tourists. A Tour Package to Gujrat can offer you the best look into the sites if Gujarat.

What Places You Can Visit There?

  • Rani ki vav, the eleventh century stepwell of Patan in North Gujarat, has as of late been proclaimed a UNISCO World Heritage Site. The Solanki dynasty introduced golden period for architecture in Gujarat in the eleventh and twelfth hundreds of years. They commissioned forcing fortifications at Jhinjwada and Dabhoi with exquisitely cut passages, some of India's finest Hindu temples like the Rudramalaya at Sidhapur and the Sun Temple at Modhera, and lovely jain temples at Girnar, Palitana, kumbhariyaji, Taranga and Mt. Abu. While availing the Gujrat Tour Packages now you can have a look at all these places.
  • A portion of the finest carving depicts leaning back Vishnu over the well shaft. At the base Ganesh is cut in niches. Close to the progression well is Sahasralinga Talao, an artificial lake encompassed via cut Shiva Shrines. This is a true Holidays in Gujrat for all
  • The patola is one of the wealthiest silk fabrics and most technically executed of all pre-industrial textiles in the world. The patola is one of only a handful couple of fabrics in the world woven utilizing the twofold ikat handle.

Vadnagar is a town overlooked by most travel guide however it has an awesome wealth of monuments. Unearthings have uncovered a Budhist site that was presumably the town of Anantpur depicted by Hieun-Tsang as a wealthy place with viharas. Buddhist sculpture in the Mathura-style, utensils and toys have been found at the site. Now to Book Tour Package For Gujrat you will not have to think much. The online travel sites are there.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-10

Plan Your Holidays In Himachal With MR Holiday For The Best And Exclusive Experiences

India is a land marked by its varied geography and some of the regions boast of picturesque natural beauty that just enthralls anyone. People from different parts of India and all over the world flock to their places of interest that are spread from north to south throughout the Indian territory. Himachal is considered as the paradise that is studded in the picturesque Himalayan valleys. People plan their Holidays in Himachal throughout the year but the hot months of April, May and June witness a heavy rush. Winter months of December and January also see huge rush because of the heavy snowfall in the valleys. Many travel agencies offer Delhi to Himachal Tour in winter season together with regional sightseeing in the valleys of Manali, Kullu and others.

Honeymoon in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is located entirely in the Middle Himalayas while its capital Shimla was once the summer capital of British Empire in India prior to independence. Other destinations of interest in Himachal Pradesh include Manali, Kullu, Kinnaur, Dharmshala, McLeodganj, Chamba, Khajjiar and Dalhousie among others. These places are abuzz with tourism hotspots of fine value that attract! Apart from sightseeing, trekking and skiing are also popular as winter time sports here. This is why Himachal Honeymoon Tour Package is offered by many leading travel agencies like MR Holiday. The newly wed couples book their package that includes the best of sightseeing, adventure destinations, and fooding and lodging facilities also.

Exclusive Tour Packages to Manali and Himachal

Himachal is also house to Kalka Shimla Railway which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with its toy train Himalayan Queen that chugs its way through some of the most beautiful valleys with breathtaking views. Exclusive Tour Packages to Manali by travel agency MR Holiday can be combined with this world heritage rail experience for definite value addition.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-04

Book Exclusive Package For Amarnath Yatra With MR Holiday For The Best Experience

India is a land of spirituality and religious traditions while all its residents are devotees at heart. Innumerable saints and deities find their resonance right in the hearts of Indians who visit pan India to do pilgrimages towards discovering hope, goodwill, blessings and prosperity. Amaranth is one of the revered shrines in India where Hindus pay visit in thousands every year. It is a cave shrine that is devoted to Lord Shiva – the destroyer as per Hindu mythology. Amaranth Tour Package is among the most sought ones in India despite that this Yatra is known for the tough terrain in the Himalayan ranges. Amaranth Ek Dham Yatra is therefore attempted only by people with good health.

Amaranth shrine - among the most revered ones!

Amaranth cave shrine is located in the State of Jammu & Kashmir at a height of 3888 meters. It is at a distance of 141 kilometers from Srinagar. The cave which is surrounded by snow covered mountains for most part of the year opens only for a small time period to allow the pilgrims to pay visit. Devotees make bookings for Exclusive Tour Package for Amarnath Yatra beforehand through dedicated and experienced vendors such as MR Holiday. The Yatra generally begins from Srinagar or Pahalgam while some devotees also start from Baltal and join the other batches in Sangam.

Add up the value to your Amarnath pilgrimage

Amaranth Yatra generally requires a period of 5 days during which the devotees make their difficult trek through the majestic Himalayan valleys that offer a decent picturesque view. Most of the Budget Tour to Amarnath offered by leading travel companies including MR Holiday also include the nature sightseeing in Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonmarg snow valleys; snow sporting, Shikara rides are also offered in package to add value for the people.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-02-01

Book A Tour Package To Uttarakhand To Live The Exclusive Himalayan Beauty

India could be called as the melting place of different geographic diversities found in the world! From the hot Thar to the cold Laddakh and from the lofty Himalayas to the serene beaches, one can find everything spread as an assortment. Most such concepts are splendid and appealing to the extent of attracting large numbers of tourists every year. Of all the geographical division of India, Himalayas boast of cradling the largest numbers of tourism spots and hubs. The underlying factor is that of exotic natural wealth that marks the entire Himalayan Range from Jammu & Kashmir in the North to Arunachal Pradesh in the East! This natural wealth houses some of the finest wildlife of the world including rare species of birds and mammals. Uttarakhand Tour Packages are therefore in high demand because a nature lover can find a great deal of flora and fauna biodiversity buzzing there. Most people try to include Corbett Family Tour in their package as the Jim Corbett National Park is one of the prized wildlife reserves of India.

Uttarakhand Offers Host of Pilgrimage and Nature Destinations

Uttarakhand Family Tour packages are also planned for the Hindu pilgrims that like to visit the Kedarnath and Badrinath shrines in the state as part of their Char Dham Yatra. Such pilgrimage tours to the state are generally extended to include the natural sightseeing destinations of celebrated value. Valley of Flowers is one such paradise that spills colorful spectrum in the spring and attracts the nature lovers and general tourists. Some exclusive Tour Package to Uttarakhand are oriented towards the hill stations of genre value for the tourists. Mussoorie is regarded as the ‘Queen of Hills’ and is a much visited destination on the tourism map of India. Similarly, Nainital and Almora are equally popular tourism hubs of India.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-01-24
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