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Book Tour Package For Gujrat & Experience The Genre Concepts And Spirituality!

India is a land of immense beauty and art and this has led to travelers from all over the world visiting the destinations here. Every state and region have specialties to offer in the form of historical monuments, natural sightseeing places, cuisines, pilgrimages and much more. The tourism therefore never sleeps here and the stakeholders of it keep offering their hospitality to the visitors. Gujrat Holiday Tour Packages also remain in high demand among the domestic and foreign tourists who are attracted by the large numbers of icons and concepts that the state offers to them. We can count multiple genres and appeals in Gujarat that resonate with the choices and likes of everyone.

Icons and destinations to visit during your Holidays in Gujrat

Gujrat is the western most state of India and has a long coastline also that is known for its lovely beaches and resorts. The enthusiasts come to live the moments of joy and fun and just relax. However, the interiors in Gujrat also have much to offer! The magnificent temples in Gujrat are architectural marvels and the famed ones include the Somnath Mahadev Temple, Akshardham Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, Modhera Temple, EME Temple and Kirti Mandir Temple among others. Apart from these, there are various museums to visit like Gujrat Science City. Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, Rotary Dolls Museum, Auto World Vintage Car Museum, Calico Museum of Textiles, Utensils Museum and Kutch Museum among others. The famous Sabarmati Ashram is a world-renowned site due to its iconic connection with Mahatma Gandhi. Tour Package to Gujrat essentially includes the above destinations apart from the nature trails and wildlife parks in the state. The Sasan Gir is known as the only abode of Asiatic Lions while the Rann of Kutch Sanctuary is famous for wild asses.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-08-08

Popular Adventure Activities To Amazing Andaman

Andaman is first were listed in the world tourist map in the year 1998. The enthralling sea of the beautiful Andaman is the main key attraction for millions of tourists. Get the most captivating experience with the Tour Package to Andaman. The astounding site of Andaman offers fantastic opportunity for Island camping. There are numerous sports at Havelock; you can enjoy this with your loved one. Elephant Beach, Inglis Island or South Button are the most exquisite destinations in the Andaman. Prepare yourself o plan for a trip to the most exotic place of Andaman.

Enjoy in the Splendid Andaman

Entice your trip with the best Holiday Package to Andaman, presenting by the popular MR Holiday. The tour package will give you the best accommodation during your trip to Andaman and take care all of your essentials. The team will guide you for everything during your stay in Andaman and make your trip easy and comfortable. You can select your holiday package according to your choice. Choose the best package for Andaman tour and experience a stress-free holiday. Experience a brand new way to book your holiday with MR Holiday packages. You will get assured quality service with affordable cost.

Andaman Holiday Tour Packages will give you a sigh of relief during the trip to Andaman. Explore the splendid holiday of Andaman with the wonderful tour package that includes your accommodation, sigh seeing, pick up, and drop facilities. All the tourists who wish to get lost in the beauty of Andaman, can trust on MR Holiday and get the best tour package. The perfect travel place would create by the travel guide. The travel guide assists you with all kinds of travel related information about Andaman and makes your trip beautiful and memorable. You will cherish the time in Andaman and get the excellent tour package from the MR Holiday.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-08-03

Explore The North Impeccably By Golden Triangle Tour To North India

Enlighten your boring vacations by planning a visit to the North and surrender your heart & soul to the majestic beauty this great part of the country emanates. Delhi, the capital territory of India offers lovely views and amazing experiences to the visitors that are worth giving a visit; the dynamic city houses adventure, joy, and fun for individuals of all the age groups thereby serving as one of the most popular holiday destinations of the northern India. Along with Delhi, Agra and Mathura come up as the most highly loved and adored cities of the north, both the places had an incredible history and are respectively admired for the beauty of Taj Mahal and the blessings of Lord Krishna. Delhi to Agra Mathura Tour Package is all you require to experience fun, love, tranquility, bliss, and joy all over again, among numerous overwhelming options available one can select the most convenient and affordable one as per their specifications. If Agra is your prime destination for throwing a visit this year Exclusive Tour Packages to Agra can do wonders, however, if you wish to visit the charming cities of Delhi and Agra, Delhi to Agra Tour Package yet serves as another comfy and economical offer you can go for.

An Ideal Golden Triangle Tour to North India Package Comprises of:

  • Tickets from any city of India as per your convenience to Delhi, all the taxi fares and charges of same nature form a part of the package and are not required to be incurred separately.
  • One can easily find the memorable stay in one of the most luxurious high-class hotels of the town along with several additional facilities such as breakfast, gymnasium, etc. However one can customize accommodation options as per their choice.
  • Plan a tour package at the earliest and hike up your holidays with a punch of magic and fun.

By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-08-01

Embrace Your Soul With The Bliss Of Divine Power By Jagannath Puri Tour Package

Far from the Ill boundaries of the clumsy, selfish and materialistic world, all one craves for is mental piece and spiritual well being. India is indeed one of the most renowned pilgrimage destinations of the world and comprises of uncountable religious sites that embody love emanates grace of God and offers repertoires of divine power, bliss and tranquility. Jagannath temple in Puri is yet one another pivotal pilgrimage destination of the country and attracts numerous pilgrims from over all the world. A soulful Trip to Jagannath Puri is all you need to free up yourself from the mortal clutches of the world and admire the unending ocean of power, love, happiness and bliss. Jagannath Puri Family Tour Package comprises of all the facilities you need to arrange separately under one roof and thereby serves as one of the most reliable, comfortable and authentic options to plan a visit to the empowered temple of the city. Puri local sightseeing never fails to rule over millions of hearts with the adorable scenic beauty it showers, if you made a visit to the mighty state of Odisha and failed to capture a view of this impeccable city all the efforts you made for the trip will go in vain.

An ideal tour package to Jagannath puri includes-

  • Tickets from any city of India as per your choice to the adorable city of Odisha- Puri. The tour package comprises of all the taxi fares and travel expenses from the core of the city to numerous destinations.
  • High quality stay at one of the renowned hotels of the city equipped with all the basic and special facilities as per the package chosen.

Do visit the majestic temple of Jagannath Puri and feel the charm of divine treasures.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-27

Beautify Your Precious Journey Of Love With Honeymoon Tour Package To Kerala

Who does not wish to glorify the most delicate moments of their love life with invaluable moments of peace, bliss, joy, compassion and dedication? Everyone wishes to. Each and every single moment that you spend with your other half houses enormous memories and incidents that are enough to give you goosebumps all the time. Kerala one of the most incredulous and breathtakingly beautiful honeymoon destinations of the country is known for the never ending treasures of charm, magic, love and attractions it emanates. The state presents numerous jaw dropping scenes coupled with the charisma of overwhelming lakes and spice gardens, Choosing the best Kerala Houseboat Packages are all you need to senate your mesmerizing adventure of love with the magical wand of luxury, leisure time and trust all over again. Along with that Budget Tour Packages to Cochin aids you in kick staring a memorable honeymoon and enjoy some indescribable moments with your beloved partner. If you wish to make this honeymoon the most impeccable vacation of your life, do opt for Kerala Luxury Tour packages as these over the top classy tour packages include appreciative high class accommodation facilities coupled with several additional benefits such as breakfast, gymnasium, spa etc. Moreover luxurious tour packages ensure that you experience the best of Kerala with the tremendous service they offer and spend some precious quality time with your partner blissfully.

An Ideal Kerala Tour Package Must Comprise Of -

  • Travel tickets from and to the concerned city of your choice to Kerala along with all the additional taxi fare charges.
  • Supreme accommodation facilities at one of the renowned hotels of the state, however the type of facilities one prefers determines such cost and if any additional expenses are to be charged same are disclosed at the time of the agreement.

Plan a trip to Kerala and revive delicacy, love and care all over again.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-27

Explore The Heritage Destination Kedarnath And Experience The Serenity

Heavenly feeling can be experienced in the cool breeze, sunny days, endless cup of ginger tea, when night falls, a bonfire in front of which you can enjoy your time, Heaven! Is not it, this can only possible in the tour of Kedarnath. The gorgeous temples and wild mountains are the attraction for millions of tourists every year. MR Holiday represents unlimited advantages of Budget Tour to Kedarnath. You can book the package online and get all the tour facilities easily.

Mesmerizing Destination with Affordable Tour Package

Chardham is the best pilgrimage and cultural complex and Char Dham Tour Packages from Delhi offers fixed departure, budget and low cost tours to Kedarnath, luxury and deluxe Kedarnath packages. The touring package will fulfill your dream to accomplish the travel in the place. Kedarnath is the most popular temple city in India. You will get the exclusive tour package with affordable cost. You can get wonderful packages with various themes in the tour company.

Pilgrimage Tour Packages is another interesting package you can avail to visit the place and shrines. You will get all the tour guidance from the tour expert and make your visit memorable. You will get all the list of budgeted hotels and its facilities with them. This will give you a clear picture of your accommodation there. Take the blessing of the holy Kedarnath temple with the affordable Kedarnath Tour Package and enjoy your sacred journey. The rich culture and heritage of the place, give you a heavenly experience altogether. With the tour package, you will get on road sightseeing, which is memorable. You will get all the travel related information from the tourist expert. The tour package will make your trip comfortable and hassle-free. If you are planning for a trip to Kedarnath, it is important to rely on the tour package of the company and make your journey more convenient.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-17

Escape Together To The Most Alluring Place Goa

If you are a newly wedded couple and planning for your honeymoon, then Goa is the most lavishing place to accomplish your dream. You can say this most beautiful destination for your honeymoon. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, you could crumble your feeling in the calm envelope of the nature. The wide blue sea, the lush green nature and the lovely ferry are the main attraction of this place. You will smell love in the air and will celebrate your special moment with your soul mate that is guaranteed. Discover the Honeymoon Tour Package to Goa, which is the ideal choice for honeymooners.

Experience the Amazing Holidays in Goa

By keeping all your tour facilities in mind, MR Holiday represents the Exclusive Tour Package to Goa with very reasonable price. You can book your holiday package and get a peace of mind. Goa is a perfect destination for family tour. This is the land of celebration and invites to join there with your loved one. You can avail the Goa Family Tour Package and get all the facilities of staying or doing adventure in one package. You will get various theme packages to visit in Goa. This is very cost effective and the tour experts will take care all of your needs.

You can book the tour package online and avail the flooded discount for the same. Enjoy your holiday in the most charming place Goa and it can be only possible with the hassle free service of the most reputed MR Holiday. This package will offer various activities such as sigh seeing, luxury hotel accommodation and many more. You will enjoy your day and cherish the moment forever with your family. No matter what, the tour expert will guide you for any of your basic needs and fulfill it with no time.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-14

Explore The Authentic Tour Of Manali With The Budgeted Tour Package

Manali is the peaceful destination and millions of tourists visit this place every year. The simplicity of the place and the soothing climate is the main key attraction of the place. This is the place of angel and the wonderful tourist destination. The Exclusive Tour Packages to Manali will fulfill your tour significantly. This will give you all the facilities and you will feel good while visiting the place. Book amazing tour package and enjoy your tour with your family.

A Place to Remember: Manali

Manali experience cannot define in words; it is one of the sumptuous tour places, which, you have to visit there in person. With the foresight of travel, experience MR Holiday introduces the wonderful Manali Holiday Tour Packages. This will offer you online booking, luxury hotel accommodation, and Volvo pick up drop facility from the airport and many more. The reputed company becomes the favorite for most of the travellers. The travel expert will guide you during the visit to Manali and assist you with all your requirements.

Honeymoon Tour Packages to Manali is the best choice for the newly wedded couple. You will get the most extravagant service from the tour package and they will look after all your tour based needs. Journey Manali will give you 100% guaranteed memorable experience. The tour company will provide you an exclusive service and make you feel comfortable. Honeymoon Tour to Shimla is one of the most wonderful tour packages of the company; you can avail with competitive price. The package includes luxurious hotel accommodation, pick up drop facilities, sightseeing and the lists are endless. You can do various adventurous things in Manali such as trekking, rafting and paragliding.  Celebrate your holiday in the most tranquil place Manali and make your experience memorable!


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-12

Go On An Informative Historical Rajasthan Tour With The Best Rajasthan Holiday Tour Packages

India is a culturally rich country. Every state, every city, every corner of this country is filled with rich cultural heritage. We Indians are immensely proud of this history and culture of ours as well. However, if there is one state which truly reflects and showcases India and its culture in its true glory, then it is the state of Rajasthan. People from all over the world, who come to Rajasthan, leave stunned by its beautiful and culturally rich heritages. If you have not yet visited this state, then you need to immediately book a Historical Rajasthan Tour and get to know and appreciate your country better.   

Internet Can Be Confusing

There are so many old buildings and monuments present in this state that if you check out the list of places to visit in Rajasthan, you would realize than you would need probably a month or even more to explore this state fully. However, I am pretty sure that like most of the travelers, you must be visiting this place for a much shorter duration, and hence, using the internet to make your travel bookings for Rajasthan can leave you missing out on seeing the most important places in Rajasthan. On the other hand, when you Book Tour Packages for Rajasthan, they are prepared by people who are experts on travelling and know Rajasthan inside out. Hence, a Delhi to Rajasthan Tour Package will help you cover all the important tourist destinations in Rajasthan in the shortest possible time.

Know the True History and Culture of Your Country                                      

The Rajasthan holiday tour packages generally include the services of guided tours. Thus, when you visit a famous monument in the state, you not only see the beauty of its architecture, but also get to know the interesting history of the building, which adds a lot of fun to the tour, and also increases your knowledge about your own country and its rich cultural history.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-07

Participate In Vaishno Devi Yatra On A Budget By Opting For Group Travel Packages

There are many different reasons because of which people pick a destination like Vaishno Devi for their family holiday. The most important reason for going on this Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra is of course religious. People visit this place along with their families to pray, reflect and deepen their religious beliefs and faith. There are many who visit this place because they had wished for something, and now that with the blessings of the lord they have managed to achieve the same, they wish to thank the God for the same. There are also some who simply like the thrill of this Yatra and hence wish to explore the same. No matter what your reason for visiting Vaishno Devi, it is important to remember that this Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra can be difficult and therefore, you need to make sure that you have made all proper arrangements before embarking on the same.

Group Travel Option For A More Fun Trip

Whether you plan on visiting this place alone or with your family, there are many people who prefer to opt for the group travel packages or Vaishno Devi family Tour Package that many travel agents offer. The most attractive part about these packages is that they allow you to explore all the various religious activities in the area on a very economical budget. The cost of a group Vaishno Devi Tour Package is almost 50% or even lesser than the cost of individual travel. Besides, all the activities and services that you would expect or demand from the travel agents when making stag bookings, you would get the same in these group packages as well. Just the cost of the bookings gets spread over a large group, and therefore, the agents are able to offer the same services at a much lower cost, saving a lot of money for you.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-07-03
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