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Special Services To Demand From The Exclusive Tour Packages To Agra

Agra is one of the most popular holiday destinations, amongst the Golden Triangle Tour to North India, for all the tourists from all over the world. Of course, it is Taj Mahal that makes this city extremely special. However, besides the Taj Mahal, there many other monuments of historical value which make this city worth a visit. The travel distance between Delhi and Agra has reduced significantly thanks to the construction of the new national highly. Therefore, many people who live in Delhi, or are visiting Delhi, end up planning a one day tour to Agra, simply to revel in the beauty of the Taj Mahal.                    

Since you might be visiting Agra for just one day or for a very short duration, therefore, it becomes important that you select one of the Exclusive Tour Packages to Agra, which would help you in exploring the city to the maximum in the short time that you have in hand.

Some of the special services that you should request for when booking Delhi Agra Tour Package are as follows:

Guide Services

Everyone is aware of the main story behind the construction of the Taj Mahal. But, to be able to fully enjoy this masterpiece, it is important to have a guide by your side, who would be able to tell you many other popular fables about the place and its construction. Without these stories, your visit to this place can become a bit monotonous and boring.


Another important thing to demand from a good Agra Family Tour Package is a professional photoshoot to be included in the services offered. The Taj Mahal offers the most perfect setting and background for you to get some memorable pictures of you, your family and loved ones clicked. These pictures would be something you can cherish for life. Hence, having a professional click those photos for you would just make them extra special.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-23

Tips To Help Book A Budget Tour For Uttarakhand

When planning a holiday, there are many costs that one has to incur. While some of these costs like travel insurance, etc., cannot be cut down, but there are many other expenses which, if planning carefully can be reduced to a very great extent. In fact, most of the people feel that when they book a Tour Package to Uttarakhand from a travel agent, they are able to control the majority of their travelling costs, and hence enjoy their holiday on a budget.

While it is true that these agents do offer packages for Holidays in Uttarakhand which are very reasonable, but it is also true that by using various online sites, and checking their offers and schemes, you can book an Uttarakhand Tour Package on your own at a very economical cost as well.

Below are a few tips, which will help in booking a Budget Tour for Uttarakhand:

Zero In On The Places You Wish To Visit

Uttarakhand is a very big state and there are many places worth visiting here. However, since you would be visiting this place for a limited number of days, hence it might not be possible for you to cover each and every city in the state. Hence, the first thing that you need to do is figure out the cities and the places you wish to visit during your holiday in this state.

Research The Places You Wish To Visit

The next step is to engage in an extensive research on all the places you have shortlisted for visiting. What is the best time to visit, the connections between the various destinations, whether you would be needing a guide or not, etc. Work out all the details.

Look For Deals

There are many deals floating around the internet. Search for good deals for your holiday destinations and try to use the same while making your bookings. This will help you in saving a lot of money.

All this research and planning will help you make the best bookings at the most reasonable prices.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-20

Important Tips For Couples Planning To Book An Andaman Honeymoon Package

Andaman is a very popular honeymoon destination. In recent times, besides honeymooning couples, thousands of people are heading to this island for a vacation with friends or family as well. However, for the honeymooning couples, this land of crystal blue waters continues to be the perfect destination.

If you are getting married in the near future and are scratching your head, trying to plan that perfect honeymoon for your partner, then start searching for the most ideal Andaman Tour Package.

It is important to remember that your honeymoon is and should be different from your other normal family holidays, therefore, when booking an Andaman Honeymoon Package, you need to make sure that it offers something that will make you stay on this island absolutely romantic and out of this world.

Some of the important factors that you should consider when choosing a Holiday Package to Andaman for your honeymoon are as follows:

  • The play you are going to stay in is very important. While on a family holiday, you can compromise on the amenities available at the hotel and simply search for a safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation. However, when on your honeymoon, the place you stay in should be memorable and offer you the most romantic setting. There are many good hotels in Andaman, which especially cater to the special needs of the honeymooning couples. Carefully consider all your options and choose an offbeat honeymoon hotel.
  • When booking a Tour Package to Andaman, the activities that most of the people think about are snorkeling and scuba diving only. These are very exciting and fun water activities, but Andaman offers many other water sports, which when done with your partner, can be extremely fun and romantic at the same time. Therefore, besides snorkeling and scuba, also consider activities like kayaking, island camping, sea bed walking, etc.

By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-16

Important Visiting Places In Puri Every Puri Tour Package Should Include

Of course, when you are booking a Puri Tour Package, a Trip to Jagannath Puri will obviously be a part of your itinerary. However, besides this well known and highly spiritual temple, there are many other fun and exciting things and places to do and visit. Some of the important sightseeing places in Puri that should be a part of every good Jagannath Puri Tour Package are as follows:

Sri Jagannath Puri Temple

This is the number one destination amongst the list of Visiting Places in Puri. In fact, almost all the people plan a trip to Puri just to visit this temple only. This temple happens to be one of the most majestic monuments in Odisha. It enshrines three deities, Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra.

The Puri Beach

The sun gleaming on the pristine waters of this fine coastline of the Bay of Bengal, presents the most mesmerizing view. You can enjoy a lot of solitude by visiting this beach in the early hours of the day. In the evenings, there is a lot of crowd on the beach, and you would also find many activities happening there, making it a fun place to visit.

Narendra Tank

This is one of the largest tanks in Odisha. It was built during the 15th century. The water of this tank is considered to be holy, and it is surrounded by many small temples. There is a small island like structure in the middle of the lake. There is a temple on the island called the Chandana Temple. Many people come to drink the holy water of this tank and pray in this temple.

Chilika Lake

Situated about 50 kms from the city of Puri, this lake is yet another very big tourist attraction for the visitors of Puri. There is a lot of greenery around this lake, and it has a small island in between which is laden with trees.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-12

Points To Remember When Booking A Vaishno Devi Family Tour Package With Kids

The Trip to Vaishno Devi is not an easy trip, especially if you plan on walking all the way top to get the blessing of Mata Vaishno Devi. Hence, when it comes to planning a family trip to this place, it is always better to avoid taking children with you. However, if you still wish to take your kids along with you, then you must choose a Vaishno Devi Family Tour Package, which takes special care for the needs of the kids.  

Below are a few points which you should confirm with your travel agent, or check with the online site from where you are booking your Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra:

  • If you are planning on taking a helicopter ride to reach the top of the temple, then you should get these bookings done in advance. If you travel agent tells you that you can get these bookings on the spot, and he might be able to offer you lower rates on reaching there, there is no point in taking this risk. There is a huge demand for these helicopter rides and the number of helicopters is limited. So if the bookings are not made in advance, there is a very good possibility that you will not get your helicopter booking, and will have to carry your small kids on foot to the top, which would be very difficult. Hence, every good Vaishno Devi Tour Package, designed for kids, should include a confirmed helicopter booking.
  • Make sure that after you have completed your Mata Vaishno Devi Tour and visited the temple, the package includes a place where the kids are able to rest for some time, before you start your descent. The climb down is just as tough as the climb up, hence, your kids will need proper rest, before you make them start walking down again.

By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-11

Tips For Booking The Best Tour Package To Kerala

Kerala is known as God’s own country. The place offers a peek into the nature at its most glorious self. If you are looking for tranquility, then taking a Kerala Luxury Tour would be the best holiday plan for you and your family. Most of the people like to pick the Best Tour Package to Kerala, so that they are able to enjoy this place to its fullest. Almost every tour operator and online travel booking site would offer you some pretty extensive and reasonable tour packages for this place. However, when choosing between these packages, and actually selecting one for yourself, there are some very important points that you should bear in mind.

Some of the points to consider when booking a Tour Package to Kerala are as follows:

  • Never choose a tour package which gives you a houseboat tour on the very first day of your arrival. Unless you are reaching Kerala before 10 AM, it just doesn’t make sense to take up this tour, since these tours start at around 12 noon and end by 5:30. You would want to enjoy every minute of this houseboat tour, and therefore, reaching Kerala at 12, and boarding the houseboat by 2 or later, would only take away the pleasure of this ride. Besides, on arrival, you may be tired from your travel, and may anyways not enjoy the houseboat fully.
  • Most of the packages give you only one day hurried sightseeing trip to Munnar. Munnar is a beautiful place and you must enjoy its lovely tea gardens. Especially if you are taking a Honeymoon Package to Kerala, you must insist on a minimum of a 2 day trip to Munnar, as it offers a very romantic setting as well.
  • Kochi is yet another culturally rich city in Kerala, and a night stroll in this city is a must. Hence, just a day tour to this city should be acceptable.

By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-04

Find The Perfect Holidays In Uttarakhand With Exclusive Tour Packages

Uttarakhand is one of the glorious destinations for the tourists. This place is a myth and mountains with alluring nature everywhere. There are wonderful places in Uttarakhand you can visit with your loved one. The serenity dwells in this luxurious place. The most lovely tourist place one could wish to visit repeatedly. The tranquility, the scent of pine and the adobe culture of Uttarakhand would make you feel the best. From the hustle-bustle of the crowd, if you are planning for a trip, then this is the best place for you to plan.

Experience the Beauty of Nature

M R Holiday presents the exciting Budget Tour for Uttarakhand with several options. You can avail the discount and all the tour facilities in the package. The packages are the best option to offer you a hassle-free visit to Uttarakhand. The dreamland of Uttarakhand will give you peace of mind and with the tour package; you will get all the guidance from the team. Plan your trip and fulfill your dream vacation.

Budget Tour for Uttarakhand will offer you rain showering discount on your tour packages. You can select your package according to the trip. Corbett Family Tour is one of the excellent packages you can avail with your family. Here you can visit the zoo and see different types of animals and birds that will be a memorable achievement.

Tour Package to Uttarakhand is the ideal option for the tourists. Book your package, if you are planning to Uttarakhand and get a hassle-free trip. In this package, you will get accommodation to pick up and drop facility to the destination. This will surely give you 100% quality service. The tour expert will guide you everything during your stay in Uttarakhand. Join the site of M R Holiday to know more about the tour packages.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-09-01

Get In Touch With The Premium Tour Operating Company For North India Tour Package

Holidaying is indeed fun. It helps a person to get rid of the mundane life and have some gala time with friends and family. A complete rejuvenation is what you get when you decide to go for a vacation. Are you planning a trip with your family? If so, then Delhi Agra Jaipur Triangle Tour can be a great option. All you need to do is to plan your trip and leave the rest to your chosen tour operating company. Right from preparing tour itinerary to hotel booking, train booking and so on everything will be done by the tour operator.

Reliable Service

If you are looking for Exclusive Tour Package to Agra, then it is highly recommended that you must associate with a premium tour operator for reliable service. Reputed tour operating companies have team of experienced professionals who will render complete help and will take care all of your travel need and they make sure that your vacation becomes a memorable one, to be precise, you can count on them. You will indeed enjoy your vacation as you associate with a reputed tour operating company.

Personalized Tour Programs

Premium tour operating companies value their customers and not only have they had Agra Family Tour Package but also have personalized tour programs. If you want to have a personalized tour program, feel free to get in touch with the executives and meet in person for an incredible personalized tour program. Associating with a tour operator makes the vacation comfortable as you do not have to take the headache of booking tickets, hotel and take car on rent for sight-seeing. The tour operating company makes it much hassle free. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a top-rated tour operating company and have a wonderful vacation.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-08-29

Holiday Packages For Kashmir In Great Demand By Indian And Foreign Tourists!

Kashmir is the paradise place as has been described by the eminent poets of India. The splendid and remarkable natural beauty of this state has been much talked about in literature and cinema and the state still attracts large numbers of tourists from India and the world. Kashmir Family Tour Packages are in high demand throughout the year and especially during the summer vacations in India. The state of J & K (Jammu & Kashmir) is located at the northern most part of Indian Territory and is held as a crown of the nation.

Geographically, J & K is located in the majestic Pir Panjal ranges, the Laddakh and Zaskar Ranges of Trans Himalaya while the main Greater Himalayan ranges also run in the state, thus providing a mountain and valley topography. These valleys are covered by the Alpine forests and the mountain peaks remain snow clad round the year, thus presenting a genre climate for the tourists. Kashmir Budget Tour packages are available that include visits to the exotic valleys of Gulmarg, Sonmarg and others destinations of interest. The winter season offers the abundant snowfall and tourists love to enjoy their time as a much cherished one. This is also the time when enthusiasts visit the snow-covered valleys for their favorite winter sports like skiing.

Kashmir Honeymoon Package

The shikaras of the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar is a noted concept and none of the tourists want to miss on this one. The honeymooners, in particular, are very enthusiastic for the shikaras and therefore Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Packages essentially include it apart from other concepts.

The wildlife in Kashmir

Kashmir valleys also attract the wildlife and nature enthusiasts who are inspired to behold the flora and fauna species of Alpine climate. The Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for such species while the upper reaches also have a population of mystic and elusive snow leopard!


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-08-22

Book Goa Tour Package To Live The Exotic Beach Experiences, Cuisines And Fun Life

Goa has a special place on the tourism map of India and it is the state that receives large numbers of tourists from India and other nations of the world. The state boasts of some nice attractions which make it the cherished destination for travelers and tourists. Situated along the western coast of India, this state is known for its majestic beauty that nature has bestowed here in the form of pristine sandy beaches and the lush green mountainous Western Ghats in the interiors. Goa Tour Package essentially includes the nature trails that are spread in the Ghats apart from other icons like the famed churches and cathedrals that are present in the entire state. The most popular churches of Goa include Bom Jesus Basilica (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Se Cathedral De Santa Catarina, Church of Our Lady of Miracles, Chapel of St. Catherine, Church of Lady of Rosary and much more.  

Make Honeymoon in Goa!

Goa is also famous for its crystal-clear beaches and there are plentitudes of them throughout the coastline. The most sought Goa Beach Tour packages include visits to Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Colva Beach, Querim Beach, Arambol Beach, Morjim and Vagator Beach among others. Newlywed couples also book Goa Honeymoon Tour Package including the stays at beach resorts to live the happy moments together.

The splendid beauty appeals the wildlife enthusiasts also who come to live the exotic beauty in the form of flora and fauna species in the state. Besides, we also find authentic Goan culture and cuisine that speaks genres and is much liked by the enthusiasts who like to live the newness. The state’s tourist destinations are well connected by air and road transport and thus easy to reach by any seeker. The large numbers of hotels and beach resorts in the state, therefore, welcome millions every year who Book Goa Holiday Packages as per their choices and fancies.


By : Jaya Patnaik Date : 2017-08-21
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